Root Canal Retreatment


As happens with any dental or medical procedure, occasionally a tooth may not heal as anticipated after initial treatment for a variety of reasons:

  • The placement of the crown or other restoration was delayed following the treatment, resulting in reinfection of the root canals.
  • New decay can expose the root canal filling material to bacteria, causing a new infection in the tooth.
  • A loose, cracked or broken crown or filling can expose the tooth to new infection.
  • A tooth sustains a fracture of the crown or root.

Some of these issues do not give rise to symptoms, but can give rise to chronic infection, often seen in an x-ray picture as a small black area around the end of an affected root. New problems too, can jeopardize a tooth that initially had successful endodontic treatment.

When these situations occur, the tooth often can be maintained with a second endodontic treatment.