As a courtesy for those with dental insurance, we will electronically file your insurance claim the day of treatment to expedite payment.

You are expected to pay your deductible and the estimated portion of your fee at the time services are rendered. However this is only an estimate. Most insurance companies will respond within four to six weeks. If you have a secondary insurance poilicy, we will then assist in filing that claim. Due to the complexity of secondary claims, your payment will be based on your primary insurance fee coverage. If the insurance payment is less than the estimated amount, you will be responsible for the balance. If the insurance payment is more than the estimated amount, you will be sent a refund check from our accounting office.

Dental insurance is not like medical insurance. There is a yearly maximum benefit, and a yearly deductible. Dental procedures are paid at different percentages according to your plan. Not all services are covered by your plan and every plan is different. If you have questions about your benefits, please call your insurance company. It would be helpful for you to know your enrollment or effective date, annual deductible and annual maximum.